Who am I ?
Born 1937, worked as architect 1965-1989, worked with theater since 1980. Studied at the theatre school “Ernst Busch” in Berlin (dept. for puppetry) in 1987 and 1994.
M.A. in theatre science, University of Copenhagen 1995, “The Fictive Reality and the Real Fiction, Elements to the Theory of the Puppet Theatre”.
Since 1992 worked as a text dramaturge, production dramaturge, director, teacher and adviser/consultant for “other theatre forms”: Visual theatre, animation theatre, animation film, object theatre, performance theatre, “live art”, performance animation, puppet theatre and dance theatre in Denmark, Norway and Germany.

 You will find some of my writings in English here. Pictures are stored under “Galleri”, the texts are here in Danish. If you have comments and/or questions, please write me, you are welcome.